Svensk förening för radiobiologi

Swedish radiobiological society


The aim of the society is to promote interest for radiobiological research

The society connects people interested in the radiobiological area of research, with an education within natural sciences, medicine or technology


Links to other societies of interest:

European Radiation Research Society, ERRS

Swedish Radiation Research Association for Young Scientists, SWE-RAYS

Swedish academic initiative for radiation sciences and nuclear technology


Upcoming events of interest for the society members are announced here:

Lund University offers a postgraduate course on "The radiobiological basis for radiation therapy" in January 2022, with two weeks of lectures held via zoom. Lectures will be given by many specially invited international experts in the subjects covered by the course. In addition, an elective seminar with peer review and opposition will held later in the spring of 2022.

Please find more information at the course home page:

The 47th annual meeting of the European Radiation Research Society will be held in Catania, Italy, 2022.

The 17th International Congress of Radiation Research will be held in Montreal, Canada, 2023.


Upcoming grant application deadlines of interest for the society members are announced here.


46th annual meeting of the European Radiation Research Society, ERRS2021, 21-30 November 2021.

The 1st International Electronic Conference on Cancers: Exploiting Cancer Vulnerability by Targeting the DNA Damage Response, 1–14 February 2021.


Please fill in our name and affiliation below and pay the membership fee of 200 SEK to account number: 451733-0 (plusgiro). Please include your name on the payment. OBS, from 2017 there is no fee for members who have not yet received their PhD (i.e. PhD students or master students):